Some divers to the Riviera Maya are new to our open water diving in the Caribbean so we gathered some diving and dive vacation tips from ‘regulars’ who dive in Playa del Carmen on a regular basis. If you are thinking of coming to dive in the Riviera Maya, hope you get to this article first as it could clear up any questions you have about your dive trip and what to expect.

1. Drift diving – be prepared for some amazing drift diving in the Caribbean. Playa del Carmen is a drift divers paradise and makes your dive an easy and relaxing experience. What makes our drift diving unique is the customer service that accompanies the drift dive experience. Divers are dropped in at the beginning of the reef and picked up, that is right, picked up at the end of the dive. No swimming against the current, no navigation back to a boat. Drop, descend, check things out as the ocean pushes you gently, ascend and climb into the boat.

2. Guides, guides and more guides. Local dive centers, especially the smaller dive centers, provide an in water dive guide on each and every scuba dive. Groups are small so you feel ‘taken care of’, if you need some assistance you have a professional in the water with you helping you find a solution. All reef and cenote diving is done with your own personal guide who is familiar with the reef system, knows where all the good stuff is and really wants you to have a great dive!

3. No matter what the weather there is always a place to get wet and dive. The beauty of the Riviera Maya whether it is Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Puerto Morelos or Tulum, no matter what is happening in the ocean, you will never lose an opportunity to dive. If the ocean decides to not cooperate, get into the cenotes, which are current free, not related to ocean instability and are a super dive that is unique to this area. We have heard stories where divers have been blown out while on a dive vacation, making it a bust of a vacation. There are open cenotes where students can train in a non-overhead environment and there are overhead environments that provide an amazing dive experience. No matter what, you will be able to dive all vacation long.

scuba diving in an open cenote in the Riviera Maya

4. Short boat rides. For divers not keen on boat trips, all of the dive sites up and down the coast are close to your departure point. The farthest dive site in Playa del Carmen is 25 minutes so if you are not a boat person, you are home free. Boats are small, hang close to shore and the ocean is protected by the island of Cozumel in Playa del Carmen. There is no shore diving in Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, but there are no lengthy boat rides either so divers have the best of both worlds.

Bull sharks on your Playa del Carmen dive vacation

Considering the amount of repeat divers we have,the diving must be pretty good in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Add a great dive to a super cool destination that keeps you entertained in the water and on land, and our divers know they have a great gig going on. If you want to meet some of our regular divers and have a chat or ask a question, you can meet them on Facebook on our Mexico Mayan Tours fan page. Meet regular divers, diving enthusiasts and some of our great diving friends, or should we say dive buddies.