Information about Bull Sharks

Bull shark are one of the most feared ocean predators, even though humans are not part of their diet. Unfortunately, their bad reputation is due to the fact that most of the information found on them comes from sensationalist press. However, diving around these animals is an experience that more and more people want to share!

Actually the bull shark (Carcharhinus Leucas) is an opportunistic species that can grow up to 4 meters in length. This means that it feeds on many types of aquatic animals, specially fish, turtles, marine mammals and even other sharks.

Playa del Carmen is among the best places in the world to dive with bull sharks, the warm water and good visibility allow us to appreciate with great satisfaction the beauty and elegance of these awesome predators in Playa del Carmen between November and March.

Sharks don’t bite

It is true and we have done enough Bull Shark dives to prove it. We are writing this post so that should be proof enough. Sharks only bite if you are carrying fish with you, provoke them or the waters are chummed with food and you happen to be in the way. Sharks don’t like humans, really they don’t. We only think we are tasty treats, but we are like the most unappetizing meal for a shark.

Bull sharks in the Riviera Maya

People think that the bull sharks just arrived in the Mexican Caribbean. News flash. They have been here longer than we have, much longer, we just thought that no one would want to dive with them. Boy were we wrong. As dive professionals and dive professionals that have been exploring the reefs for 35 years, we have seen many bull sharks over the years and we knew where they lived. But we never thought that people would be interested in them.

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